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A happening is a unique, interactive experience of art that happens in real-time

and cannot be repeated (unlike a gallery exhibit).

down to earth happenings is a loose collective of makers and growers who believe that sharing the experience of functional art elevates food and drink, raises awareness about the importance of local food systems, and builds community.

At special times, you can experience happenings

in places connected to sustainable agriculture.

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The most profound engagement with our natural world
happens on our plates.

Michael Pollan, Chatting with Oprah, 2018

I don’t want to sit at the table, I want to set the table.
I want to decide what we’re eating at the table.

Seeds are resilient.
Plant the seeds.
Believe in the seeds.

We are the seeds of change.
We are the seeds for how to make things beautiful.

Art makes change.

Winona Laduke, NCECA Keynote, 2019

If you would like to get involved as a sponsor to help with our marketing costs,

or if you'd like support to have your own happening,
please contact us at dtehappenings @
Our goal is to grow and deepen connections
between local food systems, functional art, and community.

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